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One of the most gratifying things about working in the aesthetic surgery industry is the opportunity to help patients look and feel better. At the Toronto Hair Transplant Surgeons, our doctors have used their years of expertise as surgeons to provide outstanding hair restoration results to patients from all over the world. Here are real reviews some of our real patients have left on RealSelf, and Google.

RealSelf Reviews

Experts in hair restoration “Both Dr. Jones and Dr. Huber are very professional and experienced in the FUE procedure. They demonstrate a great deal of proficiency, efficiency and precision in selecting follicles, surgical incisions and replanting follicles where needed to give you back a full head of hair. I would describe them as ‘experts’ in their field. Their support staff is also very experienced and professional exhibiting a high degree of patience, dedication and precision in completing their parts of the procedure. All in all a very impressive team of people!” – ronburbridge, June 2018

Great results! “Dr. Jones and his staff are incredible! They made sure I was comfortable the entire time and provided a wonderful experience, and the results speak for themselves! My hair is thicker and fuller ever since the procedure. I highly recommend speaking to Dr. Jones if you are considering this procedure!” – alexf1791, April 2018 I can’t say enough good things about Dr. Robert Jones “I travelled all the way from Italy to have a 3,000-graft transplant with Dr. Robert Jones….He is among the best in the world at what he does, I’m very impressed with the work he did. All the extractions are by Dr. Jones. In Europe, technicians do most of the work, I was looking for a hands-on doctor. Thanks Dr. Jones and team, I’m looking for more photos at a year.” – Camillula1, September 2017

1,500-graft FUE “I have curly hair and was told by 2 other doctors that I needed a strip, Dr. Jones had no problem with FUE, it looks great now. I’m so happy that I went ahead with the procedure, my hairline looks great. Anyone considering a hair transplant, call Dr. Jones.” – jcc1975, September 2017

Great results with hair transplant “I had a 3000 graft FUE hair transplant with Dr. Robert Jones and the results speak for themselves. My barber is amazed, he says he has never seen work this good. Dr. Jones has 15 years performing this procedure and more experience than anyone else in Canada doing it. Not only myself, but I have 4 brothers, they have all been to Dr. Jones and had amazing results. He does all extractions personally, a lot of clinics have technicians performing almost all of the procedure! Don’t take a chance, I give Dr. Jones and his staff a 5 star review all the way.” – dennisj7, September 2017

FUE hair transplant great experience “I went to see Dr. Jones about a year ago for a large FUE procedure. He removed over 3,000 grafts in about 2 hours, which seemed fast, but he insisted that I look at and count the grafts, so I know for sure that he got that number. He also photographed the grafts and sent me a picture! Healing was uneventful, I was able to go back to work in about a week, I followed his post care instructions to the tee. Growth started at about 3 or 4 months and by 8 months I was happy. The procedure more than met my expectations. Dr. Jones and his team were very professional. He removed all the grafts himself (a lot of clinics have techs removing the grafts!). He was also available by text after the procedure, I had a question and he responded immediately. Good luck with your hair restoration, if you’re looking for a good doctor, I can recommend Dr. Jones and his team.” – Allan Selby, October 2017

PRP injections with Dr. Jones “I’ve had 3 PRP treatments already and I can see the results, it’s quite amazing. I think I have at least a quarter more thickness than I did before starting the plasma treatments. The cost wasn’t too damaging and I’m happy this service exists – a hair transplant was not an option for me. I’m looking forward to seeing the end results and would recommend PRP injections to any woman suffering from hair loss.” – jerryratcliffe72, October 2017 Reviews

“I have had two hair transplant procedures with Dr. Jones, and I am now having a third. My experience has been excellent, and I would highly recommend Dr. Jones. From the time one enters the clinic to the time one leaves, everything is done in a caring and professional way…this includes the reception staff, the nursing staff and the doctor. I love my hair! As I tell Dr. Jones, I am so pleased with my hair transplant experience that I could be a salesman for his clinic.” – May 2018

“Rob was highly consultative thru the process. He made me feel comfortable proceeding with the surgery. I am almost 10 years removed from the procedure and it still looks good and natural. He does one strand at a time just like your real hair with high density, so nobody could ever know you even have the procedure. I still use the prostate prescription which I recommend continuing post-surgery.” – May 2018

“Dr. Jones and his staff are absolutely amazing: they are very knowledgeable, very professional and very affable. Over the years, my hair had been thinning and I tried every option possible to restore my hair. You name it, I tried it: lotions, potions, pills, natural remedies, hats, exotic haircuts and wigs, I had spent a small fortune on all matter of hair restoration methods and had very little to show for it. It wasn’t until I met with Dr. Jones in 2011 that I finally found a tangible, long-lasting and natural-looking solution to my hair loss situation. My satisfaction with Dr. Jones and his staff was such that I underwent a second procedure in 2015 to enhance the results of the first session. And now in 2018 I, once again, am embarking on my third and final transplant session. I am truly happy with Dr. Jones and his staff. The results are nothing short of incredible. I would recommend Dr. Jones and his artistry to anyone looking for the very best in hair restoration.” – May 2018

“Dr. Jones and his staff are incredible! They made sure I was comfortable the entire time and the results of the procedure came out better than I could have imagined. My hair is thicker and fuller thanks to Dr. Jones and his team. If you are thinking about having this procedure done, I would HIGHLY recommend a visit to Dr. Jones!” – April 2018

“You would never think that at 50 someone can renew how they feel about themselves, but that is exactly what has happened for me. I had a large hair transplant performed by Dr. Jones and his team last summer, over 3800 grafts, and I’m very happy to be going into this new year with thicker fuller hair. I can’t stop looking in the mirror and I don’t think I’ve worn a hat in almost 4 months. The procedure was so easy there’s no need for me to even review it – I just want every man to know how happy I am with my decision to do this. It really has changed my life and I’m in complete agreeance with Dr. Jones’ other patients – they do amazing work. I’m happy I got over my fears and did this procedure and I hope all you other guys finally make the decision to restore your hair the right way – forget medications and pills. Just take a day and do this transplant, it doesn’t hurt and you will feel so much better about yourself. I know I do! Thanks Dr. J.” – January 2018

“Dr. Jones is the best at what he does. I saw two hair transplant doctors before him, one of whom left me with a nasty scar, and Dr. Jones was the only surgeon in North America to have the skills and the ability to fix the mess that other doctors before him had made. There is no reason to go anywhere else. Dr. Jones and his staff are the best in Ontario. Thank you for your professionalism and renewing my self-confidence. I appreciate all the work you’ve done for me.” – January 2018

“I have to agree with the last reviewer that Dr. Jones is really attentive and it’s wonderful. I haven’t been sending him photos of my progress but I did call frequently (almost too frequently, I’m sure) after my procedure. I was really worried about my self-care post-op and when I went home found I had 1,000 questions I didn’t ask at the clinic. Everytime I called the office the ladies at the front desk were more than helpful and Dr. Jones replied to every email I sent. This really is a classy team. Not to mention that my hair looks awesome! It will be a year February that I had 2,800 grafts and I’m so glad I did it. I will admit at first I was skeptical, not of Dr. Jones but of hair transplants in general. But these guys are so great and the support they gave me was amazing, I don’t think I would have had the same attention and support anywhere else. You can tell these guys are one of the most experienced hair transplant clinics in Ontario, if not the very most experienced. And to boot, they actually care about you once you’re gone! I’m very happy with both their work and their manners, this is a great practice that does even better work. Thank you Dr. Jones and team, you help men like me every day and for that, you rock 🙂 Keep up the good work.” – Tyler W., December 2017

“Getting a hair transplant is a big decision. It took me three years and several visits to Dr. Jones’ office to finally go ahead with the procedure. Throughout the process, Dr. Jones and his staff could not have been more helpful. They answered all of my questions (many more than once) and made me feel comfortable from start to finish. I had 3,000 grafts moved from the back of my head to my scalp. That was what Dr. Jones recommended so that is what I did. I’m now six months out from my operation and I have hair back where it once existed. No more giant bald spot!! Every month I follow up with Dr. Jones and send him pictures of my progress, he always responds with a comment and answers any questions I ask. While I hope that is the only hair transplant I’ll have to do in my lifetime, if circumstances change I wouldn’t go anywhere else but to Dr. Jones. Thank you!” – December 2017

“I wish more women knew about PRP injections. I’ve been wearing a wig since 2012 because my thinning hair made me feel so embarrassed and now that I’ve had 2 sessions I have enough hair growth that I don’t need it anymore. The cost was affordable and the treatment was easy and I wish I would have done this to begin with. If you’re a woman suffering from hair loss then try PRP – and for sure see Dr. Jones. They walk you through the procedure and care about your success.” – November 2017

“My life has changed since my hair transplant. I’m divorced and went through a period of depression, it was a tough time. I was a broken guy. Eventually, I was able to pick myself up and begin a new life. It’s crazy how your marriage ending can change you. This was years ago, now I’ve happily married again, but it wasn’t without the help of people like Dr. Jones. When my hair started to grow back it gave me such a boost of confidence. For the first time in almost 20 years I actually liked looking at myself again. I needed a lot of grafts, almost 3,900, and I would do it all over again if I needed to. It’s not about vanity, it’s about your quality of life. I’m excited to get out of bed in the morning and it’s all because of the work of this good doctor. I’m not trying to give this review a boo-hoo poor me feel I just still can’t believe what my hair transplant has done for my life… it’s improved so much more than just my head. Thank you.” – November 2017

“What an incredible experience I had at Dr. Jones’ office. Pamela was so nice to me and she guided me through all of my apprehensions, I have never felt more comfortable or relaxed in a medical environment before. I have to admit that the injections (PRP) were quite unpleasant, however, I have a very low threshold of tolerance for even the smallest of procedures. I think the only thing that got me through the treatment was the kindness of the staff, and Dr. Jones as well. His bedside manner was very professional and knowing I was in good hands put my mind at ease. I’m looking forward to the results 🙂 thank you to everyone at this clinic” – Deb, October 2017

“I almost feel a little emotional writing this review! Dr. Jones and his assistants have changed my life. Before my hair transplant I had crippling social anxiety, I wasn’t dating, my hair loss was so bad I would wear a hat at the gym even though it made my forehead break out. I was miserable every day. I know to some people maybe it’s just hair but to me it was my entire life. I spent this summer with thicker hair and it’s no longer patchy, I just feel better every single day. Unless you know me you’d have no idea I had any work done. I’m still working on my anxiety because it got so intense for me, but I don’t wear a hat at the gym anymore and I even have the courage to flirt with girls again. It’s just amazing. Thank you Dr. Jones.” – October 2017

“I had started experiencing balding in my mid-forties and decided to take control of the situation. I met with Bosley and other hair transplant doctors and never felt comfortable with the doctors or the office. I continued researching until I found Doctor Jones online and decided to reach out to him. As soon as I started talking to him on the phone I knew this was the right doctor for me. As a matter of fact, I told him on the phone let’s get it done without ever physically meeting him. I scheduled the appointment with Pam and she was also very helpful, encouraging and understanding. On the day of surgery, I felt very comfortable in the office throughout the process. All the people who worked with me were fantastic. I am now 5 months post-op and I just sent a picture to Dr. Jones on my progress. I am very impressed with where I am only 5 months out. I don’t even want to wear a hat because I am quite comfortable not wearing one because my hair looks great. If you are thinking of getting a hair transplant I would highly recommend Dr. Jones. You will not regret it.” – September 2017

“At 54 I’ve finally had a hair transplant. We flew in from Chicago to visit my brother who had work done by Dr. Jones and it shocked me. He didn’t look the same at all! My wife and I then talked about my options, and since it was something I’ve always wanted we decided to make room in our budget. After 3,500 grafts (done 2 weeks ago) I can say happily that I’ve returned to the Midwest a much happier guy. I’m thankful to everyone in Canada (especially Dr. Jones) for their amazing work. Maybe my brother and I can now compete for the best haircut!” – August 2017

“Since seeing Dr. Jones my quality of life has improved dramatically. I haven’t worn a hat all summer and my friends are shocked at my results. My wife and I spent last weekend at a mutual friend’s cottage and my results were the talk of the evening, I’m ecstatic and have no shame telling people I’ve had a hair transplant. Hopefully, you read these, Dr. Jones! Thank you for your amazing work.” – July 2017

Google Reviews

“Dr. Jones is the most sought-after hair transplant doctor in North America and around the world. The reason he is in such high demand is that he takes the time to carefully plan and follow through with his treatment plans. I know this firsthand because I often come into contact with patients of Dr. Jones and I admire his beautiful hair transplants from the root up! I have witnessed the transplant work of other doctors, and I can say with confidence, the results from the work of Dr. Jones far exceeds that of other doctors. His last patient said to me, ‘I have been given a new life.’ I think that says it all! Anyone considering a hair transplant should first make an appointment with Dr. Robert Jones.” – The Ink Stylist, May 2018

“I have nothing but good things to say about Dr. Jones and his team. They treated me with respect from start to finish and I commend them for the work that they did. They have answered all my followup emails this last week even though my surgery was 3 weeks ago. The transplant took a long time (3,400 grafts) but they took care of their job and the results have become fantastic. When I first emailed them I was very nervous because this choice was so big but they made me feel so confident in the procedure that went away very quickly. I owe them a lot. Mostly Dr. Jones – I wish he did other kinds of medical work too because I bet he’d make a great family doctor! He was very detailed and never missed anything important. My hair transplant is also healing amazing which just shows me more how much of a good job they did. Thank you all so very much I will send photos after 1 year for you to add to your gallery. Thank you, Dr. Jones!” – A. Frogalie, May 2018

“Went for a consultation, Dr. Jones was very professional and explained everything to me about hair transplants, the differences, and what to expect, it was like going to school it was amazing. I learned a lot and did not feel pressured to buy. It shows how much he cares about his clients he let me ask as many questions as I wanted. This was my second consult I went to another place and that clinic I was not explained the procedure and that doctor seemed to get annoyed and kept asking how much money I have…at least with Dr. Jones I was given a laser option to keep what I have till I’m ready. 1 week later I called and booked another appointment. When I went in he remembered everything and made me feel so comfortable that I ended up going with Dr. Jones for my transplant, this place is amazing, you feel comfy and not pressured. He wasn’t annoyed or disappointed that I didn’t purchase the first time. BEST PART HE ACTUALLY DID THE TRANSPLANT AND DIDNT HAVE ANYONE ELSE DOING IT, most clinics will get others to do it. GREAT PLACE TO GO.” – Karim Malik, May 2018

“It has been more than 10 years since Dr. Jones restored my hair. I still get lots of compliments on how great my hair looks. The greatest compliment of his work is when my barber is shocked that I’ve had a transplant. I trust this man and know he is the best there is!” – Donald Stewart, May 2018

“I can’t say enough good things about Dr. Jones and his staff. They made having my procedure done very easy and I couldn’t be happier with the results. I am so much more confident with my appearance and feel like they shaved 10 years off my age!!” – Doug O’Leary, May 2018

“Dr. Jones is the best and the most honest hair transplant physician. After two FUE sessions with him there is no way I could recommend someone any higher. He was straightforward and his experience was clear from the moment I met him. The surgery itself was made really easy by Dr. Jones and his staff and I am more than happy with the results, my hair looks even better than I was hoping for. Dr. Jones is a leader in the field of hair transplantation.” – Benjamin N., May 2018

“What can I say? I’d be bald without Dr. Jones and his team! I was in my twenties when I paid my first visit and I’ve just booked my third procedure as I enter my late thirties. Over the past ten years, Dr. Jones and his staff have been supportive, accessible, and understanding. The procedures I’ve had have been fast and easy, and life is always back to normal very quickly as I await the growth of my new hair, which is most definitely the best part of the experience. In fact, after a quick visit to Dr. Jones, checking your hair in the mirror becomes an exciting activity, and that’s really saying something for anyone concerned about hair loss! In the end, the results are incredibly natural because the grafts blend into your existing hair in a manner that is completely undetectable, and I’m confident when I say I don’t look like I’ve had a hair transplant – even after ten years. During the years in between procedures, Dr. J has kept me stocked up on hair loss medication to prevent further thinning and I can always count on him to patiently answer all of my questions, no matter how annoying or silly they might be! If you’re upset about your hair loss, do yourself a favor and go see Dr. J and his team! You’ll be so glad you did!” – Alan Muller, May 2018

“I have only good things to say about Dr. Robert Jones and his practice. The staff are very warm and welcoming, to start, and it becomes apparent very quickly that Dr. Jones is extremely knowledgeable. I am glad I made the decision to go with Dr. Jones for my procedure. It took years off my appearance and it looks very natural. Thanks again!” – Tannis St. Amant, June 2018

“Dr. Jones and his staff were able to restore my confidence in my appearance. I was not dealing well with my hair loss, which is what made me book a consultation with Dr. Jones. He came highly recommended. I am glad I decided to go with him, because the results I got were amazing. Thank you so much.” – Owen Reynolds, June 2018

“Dr. Robert Jones is the finest hair transplant surgeon in Canada, and internationally one of the best in his field. His tailored, caring approach puts patients at ease instantly. The results? Unparalleled. The most natural look every time. I would highly recommend you look no further than Dr. Jones’ clinic if you are considering a hair transplant.” – Caroline Ruggiero, June 2018

“I thought I might escape the family hair loss curse, but no such luck. Dr. Jones was able to fix me up and now I am back to looking how I did 10 years ago! The results are amazing. I would recommend him to anyone in need of his type of services.” – Edward Halliday, June 2018

“Dr. Robert Jones is the best hair transplant surgeon in the country. I spent many hours researching and trying to find the right doctor for me and most seemed fake and just didn’t rub me the right way, but Dr. Jones and his team were welcoming and professional from the first phone call to the last. I was surprised how easy the surgery was, I brought a book with me even! I’d like to do more grafts and will be seeing Dr. Jones for this work, this clinic is the best you could visit and the results of myself and his other patients speak for themselves. I’m really satisfied with my choice in doctor.” – James Mason, June 2018

“Dr. Robert Jones and his team have changed my life. I can’t believe the amount of confidence I have now when I leave my house – I haven’t worn a hat in almost 6 months. I searched high and low for a good doctor and found many clinics dismissive, overpriced, or just all around a little sketchy. I asked at 3 different clinics who was going to do my procedure and no one could give me a straight answer. I didn’t want a random tech doing it and that’s all I was getting. Hair transplants aren’t cheap, and I wanted mine done by a doctor. After meeting with Dr. Jones I knew he was the one to help me undergo this big change. I was almost completely bald on my crown, and just last week I bought a bottle of gel!!! Dr. J walked me through every step, he was amazing, and on the day of my transplant it was him I met with. His clinic is clean and pretty comfy and I had 3700 grafts transplanted almost effortlessly. The only pain I felt was the numbing needle but even that wasn’t horrible. I’m so thankful to Dr. Jones and wish more people in this industry in Canada worked the same he does. I still can’t believe that other clinics let people who aren’t doctors transplant your grafts. Know who you’re getting before you get in that transplant chair – I highly recommend Dr. Jones!!!” – Toby Fletcher, June 2018

Call Toronto Hair Transplant Surgeons Today If you would like to become one of our many satisfied customers so you can look forward to writing glowing reviews like the ones above, contact our clinic to schedule a free consultation with Dr. Jones today. You don’t have to struggle with the self-esteem issues of hair loss anymore – hair transplant technology is safe, modern and advanced. As a pioneer in hair restoration surgery, Dr. Jones has chosen to fully focus his practice on hair transplants, and he performs all the procedures himself for consistently excellent results.