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Hair Loss “Solutions” That Didnt Work


We’ve all seen DIY hair masks online that seem pretty crazy – they say they can stop hair loss, give you thicker locks, or clear up a dry scalp. Most of these “solutions” have ingredients we wouldn’t normally think could help us, let alone belong in our hair.

Shaloo Tiwari, a writer on “The Health Site”, decided to try some of the hair loss solution myths that float around on social media and bogus news sites.

“Every day I come across different hacks that say they work like a charm. Like many others I was always tempted to try them, as they seemed easy and miraculous. I used to have a lot of hair loss, and I feared going to a doctor or taking some medicine. I tried a lot of these social media hacks for hair loss that didn’t work, here are a few that I would like to share with you so that you don’t waste your time and energy trying these hacks”.

DIY Hair Masks That Didnt Work

yogurt-and-honey-hair-mask-img-2Onion juice: I applied the stinky onion juice in hopes of reduced hair loss. I applied it on my scalp and hair strands too for the duration they had mentioned. It didn’t work at all. In fact, it left my hair with a horrible stink.

Crushed Garlic: Then I read somewhere that garlic is even better than onion and I saw in a video a girl mixed some crushed garlic with coconut and applied it, and her hair fall stopped. Nothing like that happened.

LuxyHairDIYHairMask-300x121-img-1Egg: I read about how eggs are like the magical ingredient for almost all hair problems. But along with the egg shell, my hopes broke in pieces too. I had read that two egg whites with olive oil whipped together should be applied before shampoo and it would work like a charm for hair fall. It just didn’t work.

Aloe Vera: I will admit that it made my hair softer, but was a fail when it came to hair loss. I put my faith on aloe vera for almost three months. I had to scrape out the transparent gel part of an aloe vera and mix it with coconut oil and apply it before shampoo. It failed miserably.

Curry leaves: I regret even trying this! It was too smelly and wasn’t worth it. According to the description, I had to rinse my hair with curry leaf water, as in water left after boiling curry leaves in it. It just didn’t work!

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