Toronto Hair Transplant Surgeons

Must-Read Patient Case Studies


Must-Read Patient Experiences

Michael Peters: Michael suffered years of trial and error trying to find a solution to his hair loss. He even flew to another continent in search of a hair loss solution. After receiving just a few treatments from Dr. Jones, Michael realized that Dr. Jones was renewing his hair in a way that years of useless treatments had not. Michaels says that Dr. Jones is, “…is down to earth, friendly and best of all… accessible.” Dr. Jones even set-up a payment plan for Michael who otherwise would not have been able to enjoy the benefits of Dr. Jones’ work.

Whoops:  Whoops only had the 560 FU transplanted but after a mere six months, he realized that it was changing his life. The transplant looked full, natural, and even covered a scar.  As Whoops says, Dr. Jones has, “…understanding, compassion, foresight and a down to earth nature rarely seen in doctors who are at the top of their field.”

C.J.: New Yorker CJ says he cannot thank Dr. Jones enough for all his amazing work. CJ suffered from horrible scarring due to a transplant by another doctor. Dr. Jones was able to help reduce the scarring with the FUE, giving CJ “a new outlook on life” for which he is truly grateful.

Eternal Hope: A patient calling himself Eternal Hope says that he was super impressed that, Dr. Jones talked to me personally! Not a salesman!” (You’d be surprised by how many so-called medical “experts” don’t even bother to talk to patients!) Eternal also feels that the transplant gave him a renewed sense of hope.

Carloss: Carloss traveled from Slovenia to receive treatment from Dr. Jones.  Dr. Jones’ treatment has made Carloss almost completely forget previous hair treatment he received from other doctors, and Dr. Jones even gave him 200 FUE free grafts! He plans to use Dr. Jones for all future hair treatments.

Z.: Z says that Dr. Jones changed his life in a very positive way by not being greedy in regards to hair transplant costs. He also feels thankful that Dr. Jones and his staff were, “…professional, courteous, considerate of my comfort and even entertained me with stories” during his hair transplant. Even better, no one comments on his thinning hair since the transplant!

So there you have it from the patients’ mouths. You’ll have to decide for yourself, but at least you know what other patients have decided about the high level of care provided by Dr. Robert Jones.