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Did you know? Some amazing Facts about your hair..


HH1Human hair has been an interesting topic of research for over several years, given the different shades, textures and types of hair. Can you believe that your hair can reveal about your diet, eating habits and your lifestyle? Your hair is so reflective of your personality! Your hair is just an amazing storehouse of information including your ethnicity, drug habits, and indicates whether you smoke and drink.


Presented below are some very interesting facts about your hair :


  • Your hair and elasticity.

While everyone’s hair has a degree of elasticity, research has indicated that comparatively, Asian hair has a greater degree of elasticity.

  • How much does your hair grow everyday?

On average, hair grows at the rate of 0.3 to 0.5 millimeters every day. Hair growth per month is approximately about half inches, which equals six inches per year. Remember, hair grows faster when the weather around is warm.

  • What traits and information can your hair reveal about you?

The hair’s core structure can reveal quite a lot of information – thus the hair is a primary object and investigative evidence for forensic testing. Testing of hair reveals the presence of illicit drug metabolites in the body. However, it is not possible to determine the individual’s gender from a strand of his or her hair.

  • Constantly trimming to grow your hair?

While a vast population believes that trimming your hair can help grow it faster, that is not the fact. Trimming hair has nothing to do with hair growth. Trimming your hair is to avoid split ends and to keep the hair ends healthy.

  • Guess which is the second fastest growing tissue in the human body?

Hair is undoubtedly the fastest growing tissue in your body, only next to bone marrow.

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