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Is a man in his early 20’s too young to get a Hair transplant?


QUESTION: Hi Dr. Jones.  I’m wondering if a man in his early 20’s is too young to get a hair transplant?  I was sitting around recently with my friends and they joked that I should consider getting one.  I’m 24 and started loosing my hair about a year ago.  It’s not terrible but I definitely have a receding hair line that is entirely visible if I pull my hair back.  Are hair transplants something that an man in his early 20’s can consider?  I would be interested in lowing my hair line a little bit.  The rest of my hair on the back and sides seems to be fine, not thinning at all.  Thanks for you help!

ANSWER: Hello and thanks for sending in your question.  I have definitely done hair transplants on men of your age but what is important to remember is that every case is different.  There are many things to consider when I meet with a patient that help to decide if he will be a good candidate.  These include his age, his expectations, whether there is enough donor hair available to do the requested job and perhaps future grafts.  It is also important to consider if the individual has been on propecia or not and to try and anticipate what patterns of hair loss he will most likely confront in the future.

So someone in his early 20’s can definitely be a good candidate, but I need to assess each case individually.  It would be great if you could send me pictures by email or come in for a consultation and we can discuss your specific case.