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If I have a brother that is balding, will I go bald?


QUESTION: Hi Dr Jones. I have an older brother who has been loosing his hair for a while now but I still have all of mine. I am wondering what the chances are that I will keep my hair. I am 26 years old. My dad is completely bald and so are his brothers and my mother’s brothers are also bald. I have a lot of hair but my hair is thin, does having thin hair make it more fragile and therefore more prone to hair loss?
Are hairy men/ men with more body hair more likely or less likely to loose their hair? Thanks for you help!

ANSWER: Thanks for your question. Good news is that coming from a family with a history of male pattern baldness does not necessarily mean you will experience the same. My expectation for your case would be that as you have reached the age of 26 with out experiencing any hair miniaturization / thinning that you will most likely not follow the pattern of your family.

Head hair hair is in no way linked to body or beard hair genetics so being a hairy man can not be linked in any way to hair loss.