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Very impressive 4000 grafts procedures performed by Dr.Jones!


Here is an interesting case history that underwent a 4000 graft procedure performed by Dr.Jones. The patient was in his 40s and had prominent hair loss in the front with very scanty hair growth and progressive hair loss. Dr.Jones performed a 4500 graft procedure on the patient. As you can see from the post-op photograph, the results are very impressive with a distinct hair line formation in the patient. You can see that the patient’s hairline had a great transition, with the implanted hairs blending very well with the natural hairs, thereby making it very difficult to identify that the patient went through a hair restoration procedure. The most notable outcome from the procedure was that the patient no longer needed his hairpiece! He was ready to show off his newly restored hairline..

The below photographs are those of a case, a 40 year old male, handled by Dr.Jones.4000-Graft_pic2-300x199

The patient had the procedure done in 2002 and is extremely happy with the results achieved from the procedure. As you can see from the before photograph, the patient had a hair loss pattern that was towards the front and the crown, and an uneven pattern. The post-op photograph reveals an effectively restored hairline, with much improved hair density as well as a transitioned overall appearance of the patient, making him look several years younger.

Yet another remarkable achievement by Dr.Jones is his treatment of this case who was a 53 year old male that needed a 4000 grafts transplant. This patient had a hair loss that was focused more towards the crown. The post-op picture shows complete coverage of the crown with no trace of baldness. All you can see is a completely restored hairline that looks very natural and flawless, proving another successful procedure performed by Dr.Jones.

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