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How bald must I be before a transplant?


Question: I am a 25 year old male, and I think I am a Norwood III Vertex. Most of the balding is at the crown, but now the front is getting thin as well. My father is completely bald, Norwood 6 I guess. I am afraid of ending up with the same head as my Dad. I have been on Rogaine and Propecia since I was 20. They may be slowing down the balding process, but it is still gradually worsening.

At what point should I consider getting a Hair Transplant?

Answer: At the age of 25, you could consider a transplant to restore the corners of your hairline. Most important is a good doctor with who you can develop a plan for the work you will have done over the years. A transplant in the crown loss in someone of your age with your pattern, is most likely a bad decision. Despite your dicomfort, it seems that Propecia has worked relatively well for you. You could put the corners back and expect that Propecia will do a good job to preserve theat hair for your youthful years. Sticking to a well thought plan should help you avoid having the head of your father. I do not usually recommend hair transplants in men under 25, but if you approach the procedure how I have described it, you are an exception to the rule. Good Luck Dr. Robert Jones.