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Why Do Hair Transplants Get Such Bad Press?


The Celebrity Effect

There’s no doubt that newspapers and blogs love to attack celebrities, especially when it comes to their physical appearance. You only have to do a Google search for any celebrity and you won’t struggle to find acerbic pieces written about them. It’s this culture of celebrity bashing that is in large part responsible for the negative perception a lot of people have about hair transplants.

Let’s be honest here – when a male celebrity gets a hair transplant, the press are not usually going to be kind about it. If anything they see it as a way to “expose” celebrities who might want to hide the fact that they’ve had a hair transplant. Often the pictures shown of celebrities who’ve had a hair transplant are taken immediately after the procedure before the new hair has had a chance to grow. To the casual observer, this can easily make it seem as though the procedure was a waste of time and money.


It’s not just the negative press surrounding celebrities that creates a negative perception of hair transplants in the public eye though. Often when you read articles in the mainstream press about hair loss, they’ll often be poorly researched and paint a very dire picture of the options available to men who are losing their hair. It’s not unusual for mainstream publications to show pictures of hair transplants that are performed using outdated methods for example.

The way that hair transplants are reported on in the press is also a big symptom of the fast paced nature of journalism and blogging in the digital age. Often writers will not take the time to truly research the subject of hair loss and hair transplants and as a result, the articles they write will be of little value to readers might be considering getting a hair transplant themselves.

It’s up to the hair loss community to provide valuable information and make sure that the public are well informed when it comes to the latest techniques being used for hair transplants. Despite the negative picture that’s often painted in the press, the truth is that for men who are losing their hair, there are now more options available than ever.

Not only are the techniques that are used for hair transplants extremely refined and provide incredibly natural results but there are also a range of scientifically proven medications that can help to slow and in some cases completely stop male pattern balding.

The hair loss industry is rife with scams so it’s hoped that anyone who’s searching for information for the first time regarding hair transplants and hair loss treatments, is able to discern which information is valuable and which isn’t. The mainstream press certainly haven’t done the hair loss community any favours up to now but hopefully as more and more people undergo successful procedures, it will become clear that hair transplants are now incredibly advanced and provide great results.