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Hair gel causes irritation for me, is using hair gel causing my hair to fall out?


Question: “I’m young and I’ve got a receding hairline already. I used hair gel alot growing up and it caused dandruff and intense itching. My hair is receding and where I used to itch along my hair line my hair grows in really thin. what can I do?”

Answer: “I would recomend that you see a dermatologist. Sometimes Hair gels produce alergies. If you itch continuously in the same place you can induce traction alopecia, and this can become permenant. I could’nt tell you exactly what you are experiencing without seeing you for a consultation. For short term help to deal with the thinning I would recomend my Instant hair thickening fibers which are a topical fiber that thicken up thinning areas, you can find info about it on my site, good luck

dr. jones”