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Why FUE is the world’s most effective hair restoration technique


Follicular Unit Excision

The Toronto Hair Transplant Surgeons’s very own Dr. Robert Jones was one of the first surgeons in North America to specialize in a revolutionary technique for addressing hair loss known as follicular unit excision, or FUE. Having pioneered the method, he and his partner, Dr. Jonathan Huber are now two of the world’s most sought-after surgeons for their knowledge and expertise, and they regularly perform 3,000- to 4,000-graft FUE cases in a single day.

So, what’s the difference between FUE and other hair restoration methods, and what makes it such an effective treatment?


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The FUE Advantage

FUE is a groundbreaking hair restoration surgery that typically results in increased hair density after just one session. Since the technique was first introduced, it has become more widespread, and many experts now predict FUE will soon be the favored method for every hair restoration surgeon and patient.

When performing FUE, the doctor removes small bunches of one to four hair follicles from a donor site on each patient’s head or body using a punch-like scalpel, and reinserts them into the balding areas on the top and sides of the head. Because the grafts are so small, they produce more natural-looking results. In fact, after the receptor site is fully healed, it is virtually undetectable.

Here are the main reasons FUE is the world’s most effective hair restoration technique.

A natural appearance: Compared with other hair-loss surgeries, the results of FUE are practically undetectable. Unlike previous methods of hair restoration, the technique does not result in any linear scars in either the donor or recipient area. In addition, both our skilled surgeons Dr. Huber and Dr. Jones’ deft touch and attention to detail allow them to precisely control the placement and direction of each individual hair.

Ideal for early-stage hair loss: FUE is perfect for patients who have just begun losing their hair, since less coverage is required, and we will be able to harvest the best-quality follicles.

Quicker and less painful: The procedure is not painful, since we anesthetize your scalp before starting. The FUE procedure itself also takes less time to perform than other hair restoration techniques.

No stitches or bandages: Because FUE is a much less invasive procedure, the recovery process with FUE is much faster and less painful than older techniques, and there is no bleeding or suturing. For most patients, the grafts are fully secure within a week after surgery, and the wound in the donor area usually heals within two weeks. Generally, our FUE patients can resume their normal daily activities, including their exercise regimen, one to two weeks after the procedure.

Less risk: The incidence of complication during an FUE procedure is lower than with other transplantation methods. In a Japanese study of more than 150 FUE patients, researchers found patients’ biggest complaint was mild discomfort caused by sitting still for several hours at a time. We will provide you with specific post-operative instructions to minimize any risk of infection as you recover from the procedure.

Available to anyone: Because FUE is such an outstanding technique, 100 percent of hair loss sufferers are candidates for FUE, regardless of age, hair texture, complexion or progression of hair loss. Because the procedure can extract hair from any part of the body, lack of donor hair is no longer a concern.

FUE Case Studies

Since becoming a forerunner in the field of FUE, the Toronto Hair Transplant Surgeons has helped patients from around the world get their lives and self-esteem back with a totally natural-looking head of hair. Let’s look at a few case studies from some of our many satisfied patients.

This video shows the results of a patient seven months after his FUE treatments. He previously had severely thinning hair, and we were able to restore full, healthy-looking hair in two sessions, totaling 6,000 FUE grafts. The video shows the extent of his new hair growth, as well as the appearance of the donor site.

Younger patients are often ideal candidates for an FUE procedure. The patient in this video was a 30-year-old man who came in with concerns about overall thinning hair. As this video shows, one year after receiving a 2,000-graft FUE procedure, he has much better and thicker hair growth all over his head. This patient is an excellent example of how much coverage 2,000 well-placed grafts can achieve in the right candidate.

This case study video shows the results of a 3,000-graft FUE procedure performed on a 33-year-old man. This patient was particularly concerned about significant hair loss at both his temples and the crown of his head. In this case, the patient’s head was shaved and grafts were harvested from the thick hair growth on the sides of his head and transplanted throughout his temples and crown.

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