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FUE Hair Transplant Surgery – 3000 grafts – 90 Days Post-Op with Adam Rivietz


FUE Hair Transplant Surgery – 3000 grafts – 90 days post-op conversation with Adam Rivietz – Transcript

Dr. Robert Jones: We’re now three months post off Adam. Yeah and, we should start just now to start to see some growth. It usually starts at about 10 to 12 weeks postop and your hair. How is the postop period? Did you have much problems with it?

Adam Rivietz: It was interesting. I mean, I immediately got on a flight 24 hours after the procedure.

So just having to go through airport security, wearing a, uh, ER cap, I just chose to cover my head up to not look. I don’t know, so not to scare people in the airports, and then having to do my initial head soaks in a hotel bathtub was a funny experience as well. Uh, but overall I think the recovery went pretty well.

I think it only took a week or two, uh, not much pain. I would say the only discomfort was trying to sleep on a pillow propped up for two weeks. Uh, but other than that, I think the actual healing of my head white. Great.

Dr. Robert Jones: Did you have any discomfort at the back or on the top or?

Adam Rivietz: , no, I would say the only issue maybe with my head was just how itchy it was, uh, up until that was probably the longest Mmm.

Maybe symptoms or aftereffects. Okay. Other people I spoke to said, you know, it’ll be itchy and on your paperwork, it said it would be itchy. Uh, but that lasted maybe because it was cold and it was dry. Uh, maybe it lasted a little longer and I was just having some dandruff or something as well. But I noticed my, the scalp was pretty dry and itchy for the first, maybe two months.

And then only the last month, has it really gone back to normal?

Dr. Robert Jones: Yeah. So, that’s all sounds perfectly normal, usually. , you know, the issue of this was not unusual. So last, even a month after rarely, that’s how it heals up. Did you notice, how long before you’re able to go out in public without anyone knowing that you had the procedure done?

Adam Rivietz: Ah, I’m not sure because I was out in public literally 20 or 36 hours later. I got it in front of a group of a hundred people and spoke at a conference. Uh, I had a feeling they’d know what was up. So I’ve led my speech with, I just had a hair transplant 36 hours ago. So bear with me. Uh, but I would say probably after maybe even the couple of weeks, like towards the end, Of week one, or maybe by day 12, like there were still scabs, but I don’t think you could tell really, just look like I have thick hair.

, and then once they fell off, it looked thin again. Cause there wasn’t much hair on my head cause it was still shaved. Uh, but I don’t think people noticed after the first couple of weeks, or at least they didn’t say anything.

Dr. Robert Jones: No, no. I usually know. I’m like, I’ve got lots of pictures of people two weeks post-op and it looks like they just have a bus cut pretty fast.

So we’re three months post-op. I’d like to see how it looks now, Adam if you want to just drop your head down and so I can see the top. Great. And the back. Yeah. I’ve just looked at your before photos and the sides. Yeah, that’s better. Yeah. So I can see your crown there. So you definitely have looking at that photo or the photos of the front and of the crown area.

It definitely looks like you have some growth compared to your before photos, but again, it’s just getting started and it’s going to be a lot more dramatic when we see it six months. So, I’m looking forward to another, uh, video follow up in three months’ time.

Adam Rivietz: Awesome. Me too. I’m looking forward to a full head of hair in six months.

Dr. Robert Jones: Yeah. Okay. Well, it’ll take a full year before we see the final results, but you’ll definitely get a dramatic difference in the next three months. The worst is over. You just have to watch it grow now.

Adam Rivietz: Awesome. I’m like a human chia pet.