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FUE Hair Transplant – 8 Months Post-op


In this video, we sit in with Dr. Alexander as he meets with his patient Jonathan, 8 months post-FUE hair transplant.

This check-in gives the patient and Dr. a chance to catch up and review the recovery process so far. Jonathan shows the progress on his hairline plus his fully grown-in donor area. At only the 8-month post-op mark, there are actually still several months of growth that will continue to happen. Both the patient and Dr. Alexander are pleased with the progress and are encouraged by the results to date.


Dr. Alexander: Hey Jonathan how are you doing? Good to see you!

Jonathan: Hey Dr. Alexander. I’m doing well – how are you?

Dr. Alexander: Good, good good- it’s been a while now. I guess it’s been about 8 months now, right?

Jonathan: Yah, almost exactly 8 months.

Dr. Alexander: How’s everything coming along?

Jonathan: I cannot complain. Everything looks amazing. I cannot be happier with the results so, thank you so much!

Dr. Alexander: Yeah, your hairline looks great on the camera here. Can you tip your head down and just kind of show us where the hairline is and how everything looks.

Jonathan: Yah, so I’ll pull it back, so….

Dr. Alexander: Awesome.

Jonathan: Both sides.

Dr. Alexander: Yeah, so, can you show us the back too so we can see that donor area there. Yeah, that’s it. Yeah, that looks excellent. What does your barber say about it?

Jonathan: He didn’t even know I had a hair transplant.

Dr. Alexander: There you go.

Jonathan: He’s like, “Are you joking me?”, so…it’s like great!

Dr. Alexander: Well, it looks like you’re cutting it pretty short on the sides and back and you really can’t tell that anything was done, so that’s awesome. How have your friends and family and everybody kind of responded?

Jonathan: Yah, I mean I was very like open and transparent that I had this procedure done. But, I think they all want to get one themselves now.

Dr. Alexander: Oh wow.

Jonathan: All my brothers are balding so, I think they are very intrigued now about this procedure.

Dr. Alexander: Sign them up – we’ll give them the family discount. Yeah it looks awesome.

Jonathan: Thank you.

Dr. Alexander: And it’s only been 8 months. So I mean there’s actually still several months of growth that’s going to continue to happen. So, the fact that it already looks so great is super encouraging. Probably we should do another check-in again at around the one-year mark. We’ll have another look and see how things are coming along. But so far I’m super pleased with the way it’s turned out.

Jonathan: Me too, that’s for sure.

Dr. Alexander: Awesome, alright we’ll see you in 4 months.

Jonathan: Alright, good to see you, take care!

Dr. Alexander: Take care, bye!

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