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Dr.Jones’ FUE – Five Great Recent Cases


Here’s a peek into five cases handled by Dr.Jones.

3500 Grafts procedure – stunning results!

This is a case where 3500 grafts were implanted successfully. Look at the pictures that show the excellent coverage and density after the procedure was performed. Visible hair growth can be observed on the crown and temples. A great example showing what a typical candidate can expect from the transplant procedure.

If you are on the lookout for quality hair transplants and for procedures that bring you assured results as well as value for the money you spend for the procedure, you can rely on Dr.Jones and his team. We care and value our patients’ hair restoration needs and provide nothing but the best services to you.

4000 Grafts – Pictures speaking volumes about the success of the procedure!


On Dec 12th, a 4000 graft FUE procedure was performed by Dr.Jones and team. The team follows a very organized procedure – grafts are segregated into piles of 100 followed by the patient counting the grafts which is photographed and videotaped. We ensure graft survival as well as a good transaction rate.

Stay tuned for we’ll keep you posted with the progress achieved by this patient over the coming months!

Case # 3:

This is a case of 3954 grafts. The procedure was done in late 2011. Simply amazing results is the best phrase to describe the success of this case two years following the procedure! Look at the before and after pictures that reflect the fantastic hairline restoration and improvement!


Case # 4:

This is a case of 3500 graft strip surgery procedure. The patient was very happy with the results from the procedure – with everything good to say about our procedure and the way it improved his life. Below we are presenting a video case study so you get a clear understanding of the case.

Case # 5:

This is an incredible case of a patient named Scott. Scott’s been showing amazing progress since his procedure was completed earlier this year in March. Scott underwent the 3400 FUE procedure and we have been following him closely and posted the below video for you to catch a glimpse of his spectacular progress and recovery, showing an improved and denser hairline.