Toronto Hair Transplant Surgeons

CASE STUDY – 3000 Graft FUE – DAY 56


This patient is now 2 months out from his hair transplant and reports the start of his new growth as feeling like stubble and looking like dark spots where the new growth is starting.

This is the start of the real growth of his 3000 grafts and the next few months should prove pretty interesting as we continue to follow the case… check out the patient’s observations below:

Can see some small dots (new hairs) as I mentioned in my previous note. Waiting for the rest to start surfacing and hope to see more growth in the next few months. 2 months feels like a long time, especially when you are constantly looking at it and anticipating more action, but, need to remind myself it is a lengthy process and it’s only been just 8 weeks in….

Now it is just a waiting game..‎..