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Amazing results from 3000 graft procedures performed by Dr.Jones!


Here is an interesting case handled by Dr.Jones. The case is that of a 32 year old male with severe hair loss in the front and the crown. There is also a lot of hair thinning as you can see from the picture. A quality hair restoration was the absolute necessity for this case. Dr.Jones performed a 3800 graft strip which yielded very successful results. Look at the photograph of the case taken after 15 months post-op.

The picture shows –

Amazing results from 3000 graft procedures performed by Dr.Jones!

  • An even and consistent hair line
  • Natural looking hair restoration – doesn’t indicate a clue that the patient went though a procedure
  • Much improved hair density
  • Highly transitioned overall appearance making the patient look almost a decade younger!

This is yet another remarkable results from a 3000 FU Strip procedure handled by Dr.Jones. The case is that of a young male in his 30s and an uneven pattern of hairloss, with a small cluster of hair in the front and prominent hair loss surrounding it. There is also hair loss around the crown. Obviously this type of hair loss might have an impact on the quality of life as well as self esteem of the individual. Dr.Jones performed a 3500 FU Strip on the patient which give amazing results as can be seen from the post op photograph taken 8 months following the procedure. As can be seen, the baldness is rarely visible, with a lot better coverage and hair density. The restored hairline is taking a good shape and has blended very well with the natural hairs that he had.

Presented here is a 3000 graft transplant for a 39 year old male. As you can see the patient has a curly and wavy hair texture. The hair loss and hair thinning was prominent in the front, making the hairline look distorted and inconsistent. Two years post op, and voila! What a change! Look at the restored hairline which doesn’t reveal a hint that the patient underwent a transplant. The transplanted hair has blended very well with the natural hair and the hairline looks a lot better with good consistency and hair density.

For more interesting detailed case studies from Dr.Jones, visit our website. We have categorized our patient results by number of grafts, age of the patients, type of procedure performed etc., for your reading pleasure.