Toronto Hair Transplant Surgeons

Adam Rivietz 18 Months Post FUE Surgery Follow Up Video Call


In this short video follow up call, Adam Rivietz and Dr Jones discuss Adam’s results following his 3000 graft FUE surgery done at the Toronto Hair Transplant Surgeons in March of 2020.

A full 18 months post-op, there is clearly a big difference for Adam – most especially on the top of his head. Dr Jones asks, “Are you happy with the end results?”. Adam replies resoundingly with  ” I am definitely happy with the end results. I feel like a new man, new head of hair…”.

Dr Jones asks Adam if anyone has ever noticed his hair transplant. Adam shares that those who knew he had the surgery have commented on how natural it looks – as if they were looking at him 5 years ago. Also, no one who didn’t know he had surgery has ever called him out – meaning, it went unnoticed.  

Dr Jones even asks about hair cuts – whether anyone has commented on his donor area looking different – any signs of work done? Adam tells Dr Jones he has done full fades and no one has ever commented or noticed.

Adam is now maintaining the results achieved with his hair transplant surgery with a weekly dose of finasteride to help maintain his hair and help prevent further hair loss.