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Aaron O’Bryan Shares His Hair Transplant Experience


On July 1st, 2016, TV Personality and Celebrity Stylist Aaron O’Bryan, visited Dr. Robert Jones Hair Transplant clinic in Oakville, Ontario.

He found him through Google, while looking for a Hair Transplant doctor in Toronto with the best reviews. His biggest motivation, he said, for seeking out treatment was a nagging lack of confidence.

Being a Hair Stylist and a television personality, the pressure is always on him to look his best.
We sat down with Aaron O’Bryan to get a few details about his procedure, Dr. Jones, his recovery, and his overall satisfaction with his hair transplant.

How did you find your first visit, and the clinic? Was it scary? Were you nervous?

The clinic was great, it wasn’t too clinical, in a good way. I felt right at home. It was very comfortable.

How about the staff? Did they treat you well?

The staff are a testament to Dr. Jones and his clinic. It was more like hanging out with a bunch of friends who happened to be experts in the industry. It was really fun hanging out with them, time flew by while I was there.

What did you think of Dr. Jones?

Dr. Jones was extremely professional but still had a good sense of humour. He really made things comfortable and exciting. He knows his stuff, very knowledgeable.

How did you find the procedure? Did it hurt? Were you nervous?

The procedure itself was pain free, the only thing I really felt was the needle when they administered the numbing medicine, but even that was pretty painless. I go over the pain aspect pretty extensively in my blog; I’ve been writing about the whole journey.

Did you find you were given enough information to make informed decisions? Was there anything you were left in the dark about?

Absolutely not, I was informed of everything, nothing went without an explanation.

How did you find the healing process? Was it painful? And how many grafts did you have done?

I had roughly 4500 grafts. Healing was pretty fast, the only thing I suffered from, which is rare, were headaches. They subsided though, and despite a little bit of tenderness of the scalp everything was fine. It was a pretty normal recovery.

How was Dr. Jones with post-op? Did you find him attentive, or MIA after the procedure?

Dr. Jones messaged me quite a bit to check up, which made me feel pretty looked after. He seemed to really care that my recovery was going well.

Would you see Dr. Jones again? Would you recommend him to your friends and family?

I would, yes. I’m actually going in for a second procedure soon and I’m pretty excited about it. I couldn’t recommend Dr. Jones enough. His practice and his wonderful staff went above and beyond. It’s been over two months now and I’m fully healed, I can even see little hairs starting to sprout. I know it takes time, but I’m pretty excited to see the final results.

Having Aaron discuss his procedure with us has been an absolute pleasure. When influential people speak publicly about their hair transplants it helps to destigmatize the nature of the work. In 2016, hair transplants are no longer taboo, forbidden, or something any man (or woman) should be shy discussing.

We wish Aaron, and all of you, the best of luck, and the best results, when it comes to your adventures in hair care and hair restoration.

Aaron O’Bryan is an international hairstylist from Ireland, living in Toronto, Ontario. To read more about his procedure, his profession, and to find general haircare tips visit his blog and website at – you can also find him on Twitter @Aaron_Obryan, and see some of us work on Instagram @aaronobyan – for any questions/comments on this posting please contact Dr. Robert Jones or Aaron O’Bryan directly.