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Is Donald Trump’s Hair Real?


It’s long been speculated that Donald Trump wears a toupee, but we have some bad news; The Donald’s hair is real. In fact, it may be the complete opposite of what we think; there’s a high probability that he’s had some work done.

Jimmy Fallon famously tousled his hair on The Tonight show last September, to unpopular surprise. It sat messy and ruffled, and for a lot of us, it confirmed the unimaginable; that his hair, the blond, ashy, mess up top, is actually real.

But what exactly is happening with Donald Trump’s hair?

Trump has always believed and has been quoted as saying that “baldness is a terrible thing for any businessman and executive,” and it’s reported that he once gave a tube of Rogaine to one of his employees that was experiencing hair loss. We make a lot of jokes about Donald Trump’s hair but to him its serious business.

Dr. William Yates was quoted on a Business Insider spotlight as saying that he believes that Donald Trump has had a hair transplant, amongst other things. His best guess, from photo examinations, is that Donald Trump has had a “Surgical Flap,” a procedure where hair from the side of the head has been moved to the front, to give a thick hairline. He also believes that behind the flap he has had more hair placed by way of surgical graft, to restore a thickness behind it.

While campaigning in South Carolina he invited a woman up onto the stage to tussle his hair, saying, “We don’t want to mess it up too much, cause’ I do use hairspray.”

To find out The Donald’s hair is real is pretty shocking at face value, but you know, the “Miss. Universe Man” places a high value on appearance. We give Dr. William Yates evaluations two orange thumbs up.