Toronto Hair Transplant Surgeons

70 Year Old Male – 3200 Grafts – Fine Hair


Fine hair can be extremely challenging for a hair transplant – the diameter of the hair is less and coverage is more difficult to achieve. These smaller hairs need to be treated with extreme care and delicacy. However, with proper training and experience a great result can be achieved. This patient appears years younger and with a much more complete and filled in hairline even though his hair is extremely fine and thin. Stop waiting to change your appearance and improve your confidence.

All hair types and ages can be accommodated at our facility. Let us create a custom solution specially tailored to your unique hair type and physiology. Don’t go to a facility that dabbles in hair transplants. Trust the proven day to day results and honest communication here at We love what we do and it shows in not only our results but our dedication to showing you what you can expect. While our competitors haven’t posted a new result in 5 years we’re uploading new cases and videos every few days.

We believe in what we do and want you to see our work even when it’s a more difficult case. Contact our team to learn all the ways we can help you.

70 Year Old Male 3200 Grafts Fine Hair