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56 Year Old Male – Strip Surgery – 3200 Grafts – 8 Months Post Op


Pictures below are those of a 56 Year old Male who underwent Strip Surgery for Hairline restoration. Dr.Jones performed the Strip surgery using 3200 Grafts. The Before and After photographs, taken after 8 months post op clearly shows the dramatic improvement in hair density.

56 Year Old Male 3200 Grafts Strip Surgery


The Strip method has advantages over other Transplant techniques in the sense that several hair follicles can be retrieved from the scalp at a time. Dr.Jones removes skin strips for the implantation and then fixes the hair follicles in the desired areas after making small incisions. Contact Toronto Hair Transplant Center today to see if the strip method is right for you!

Good example of a patient with thin hair getting good coverage for the forehead and crown