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4000 Graft FUE Timeline – Day of Surgery VIDEO



Yesterday, Dec 12th, I performed a 4000 graft FUE procedure. We are now doing 2 or 3 large 3000 plus FUE cases per week. I do all the extractions personally to ensure low transection rate and optimal graft survival. The grafts are put into piles of 100 by my staff, and the patients are asked to count the grafts, and then we photograph and video the grafts. I do this because some other clinics have said that it is impossible to do this many grafts in a day as quickly as we do. I have been performing large FUE cases since 2003, and have more experience than anyone worldwide.

The timeline for this case is as follows,

8.20 – 11.20 extraction of 4000 grafts
11.30 – 12.30 make 3000 sites
12.30 – 1 Lunch and break for patient
1- 8.20 insertion of 4000 grafts, several breaks and dinner in this time were taken.

My transection rate and graft survival is second to none. It will be fun to follow this patient over the next year as the grafts come in, I will be posting updates regularly.

If you are looking to have a large FUE procedure, please send me photos, I would love to hear from you,

Dr Jones