Toronto Hair Transplant Surgeons

Exploring 1500 Graft Hair Transplants: Cases and Results



What is hair transplantation?

A surgical procedure where circles of skin from the back of the scalp are excised as single units and implanted into skin at the crown and hairline. Hair loss starts from one region, gently spreading to other parts of the head. A hair transplant is highly effective at addressing this loss.

What type of procedures are used?

Using both micro- and mini-grafting, the donor strip is removed with a multi-bladed knife. Micro-grafting inserts larger grafts at the back of the scalp and progressively inserting smaller grafts towards the front to give a natural-looking appearance. Mini-grafting is also used for repair work irrespective of the patient’s hair color or texture.

The key to the effectiveness and fineness of the grafts lie in the fact that scalp hair tends to grow in tiny bundles called follicular units, rather than individually. To ensure a natural-looking hairline, as well as a full head of hair, we implant between 500 and 1,500 grafts per session.

What results can I expect?

Despite age and hair style, many people have successfully undergone the 1,500-unit hair transplants at our facility. Toronto Hair Transplant Surgeons produces consistent, natural results and this number of grafts is great for repairing the hairline and early stage hair loss. See many of our results and find out if a hair transplant is right for you.

In the past, natural-looking hairlines were difficult to achieve with hair transplant surgery; however, revolutionary, new techniques make it possible to attain a new, natural hairline. This is quite an accomplishment after the stares many people endured in the past because of bad hair plugs.

The newly transplanted hair begins to grow at around 10 to 20 weeks at a rate of 1 centimeter per month. It is long enough to be groomed in about 6 months and, in most cases, will be fully grown in at one year. Once removed and grafted, hairs continue their lifecycles on another part of the scalp, irrespective of age or hair color.