Toronto Hair Transplant Surgeons

Whats the deal with Plugs, I still see them. Do Doctors still use them?


Question: “Are doctors still using the terrible looking plugs? I see them all them time I think, maybe it’s just a bad transplant.”

Answer: “Plugs gave this industry a really bad name in the 1970-80s. They have largely been replaced with small grafts that are called follicular units. Of course there are some doctors that use ‘combination grafting’ which is a mixture of larger small grafts and naturally occurring follicular units. This is essentially a lazy doctor who is interested in supplying top quality work. Only the follicular units are undetectable in bright light or close inspection. For this reason make sure you see many photos of work the doctor your considering has done, and perhaps even go so far as contacting a previous patient. A hair transplant is expensive, be a conscious consumer.