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VIDEO – 2000 Graft FUE – 30 Year Old Male – 1 Year Post Op


This is a good example of a patient with broad thinning that gets much better coverage after a 2000 graft FUE procedure. Younger patients are often good candidates for an FUE and it can really turn back the clock. This isn’t a huge number of grafts but it shows how much coverage 2000 well-placed grafts can achieve in the right candidate.

Are you a younger patient considering a hair transplant or concerned about thinning hair? Take a few minutes and snap some shots with your cellphone and send them to us using the form on our contact page. Our mobile-ready form is a great way to quickly get an opinion from a known expert in the field. We’ll give you some actionable advice to keep the hair you have and we’ll help you decide if you’re ready for a hair transplant.