Toronto Hair Transplant Surgeons

What does a hair transplant cost? Check out the costs across North America.


Dr.Robert Jones is a pioneer in the field of hair transplantation and provides high quality care to his patients.

The chart below shows how the Toronto Hair Transplant Center compares with other surgeries across North America. It clearly shows how we provide state-of-the-art procedures, use innovative techniques and offer our patients affordable prices.

We are one of the few hair transplant centers that offer a free consultation where you can get your questions answered and your concerns addressed regarding the transplant procedures.  We have a very informative website that contains patient testimonials, before and after pictures of our patients, informative videos and engaging blog content. Dr.Jones is clearly the best when it comes to high class hair restoration services.

CHART – MAR 2013 National Survey – Hair Transplant Pricing and Services in North America







Toronto Hair Transplant Center Oakville, Ontario CANADA Dr.Robert Jones &  Team Yes Approx. $5 to $6 per graft FUE head hair, $8 beard hair, approx $3 per graft for FUT  FUT,FUE & SMP (Scalp Micro pigmentation)
Bernstein Medical Center for Hair Restoration New York City, NY Dr.Bernstein & Team No $185 for Physician evaluation. $350 – $550 for Comprehensive hair loss evaluation FUT, FUE & Neograft
Bosley Hair Restoration New York City, NY Bosley medical team Yes Class II – IV Restoration (600 – 1200 grafts) $127 – $213 per monthClass IV-VI Restoration (1500 – 3000 grafts) $236 – $367 per month FUE
Physicians Hair Restoration Center Houston, TX Dr.Puig & Team Yes Confidential FUE
Vegas Valley Hair Restoration Las Vegas. NV Dr.Simon & Team No Confidential Neograft & FUE
Derm Hair Clinic Los Angeles, CA Dr.Umar & Team Free online consultation. In person consultation requires a fee. Case by case basis Approx. $5 – $7 per graft FUE
For Hair Cole Hair Transplant Atlanta, GA Dr.Cole & Team Free online consultation Approx. $8 per graft FUE (CIT), Strip Method
Bauman Medical Group Bocaraton, FL Dr.Bauman & Team No Confidential Artistic Follicular unit micrografting, Low level Laser Therapy
Mosaic Clinic Hair Transplant Center Houston, TX Dr.Rashid & Team No $3.35 – $5.25 per graft 1000 grafts – $4750 – $15K  FUE, ARTAS Robotic hair transplant & Neograft FUE Technique
Wolf Medical Enterprises Cincinnati, OH Dr.Wolf & Team Free online consultation $7 – $12 per graft 1000 grafts -8K  FUE, Strip
Hair Transplant Institute Miami, FL Dr.Rose & Team No Approx. $7 per graft (1000 grafts or more)  FUE, FUT


Why choose Toronto Hair Transplant Center?

  • Cost – Cost per graft is very affordable compared to other facilities.
  • Experience – Dr.Jones has extensive experience with FUE procedures and is very knowledgable and reliable.
  • Speed of extraction – With the FUE transplants, 1800 FUE grafts can be extracted in as less as 2.5 hours. An entire FUE procedure takes about 7.5 hours to complete.
  • Availability of the physician – Direct access to the physician even after the procedure. No need to deal with sales team or sales people – easier access to physician.
  • Testimonials – Visit our site to see several testimonials from our patients, who are extremely happy and satisfied with their results.
  • Ecommerce Store – Dr.Jones has designed a range of hair care products to suit the lives of his patients, post hair transplantation. The site has an ecommerce store where patients can place an order and items are delivered right to their door!
  • Customer Support – The customer support at the Toronto Hair Transplant Center is very quick and friendly and will assist you promptly with your questions or concerns.