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Top 10 Video Case Studies


Throughout his years in practice as one of the world’s most respected and in-demand hair restoration surgeons, Dr. Robert Jones has helped thousands of satisfied patients regain their self-confidence and quality of life with his skills, expertise and state-of-the-art equipment.

As one of the pioneers of an innovative technique called follicular unit extraction, or FUE, Dr. Jones has been able to achieve incredibly natural-looking results, and has documented some of his most remarkable patient outcomes on video to let these results speak for themselves.

1. 3,400-Graft FUE

This video shows the results of a patient named Scott nine months after undergoing a hair restoration procedure involving 3,400 grafts.

2. 2,500-Graft Hairline Restoration

In this video, you can see the results of a surgery Dr. Jones performed on a male patient who was concerned about his receding hairline and widow’s peak. Three years after his surgery, this patient continues to enjoy excellent fullness around his hairline and looks much younger.

3. 5,200 Grafts – Two Sessions

A 40-year-old man with thinning hair at the crown of his head had two separate sessions with Dr. Jones, totaling 5,200 grafts. The results are much fuller coverage across his scalp.

4. 3,700 Grafts

A 46-year-old patient who had almost completely lost coverage at the crown of his head returns to share his results one year later.

5. 30-Year-Old With 2,000 Grafts

This patient who suffered from premature hair loss provides an excellent example of how much coverage 2,000 well-placed grafts can achieve in the right candidate.

6. 40-Year-Old With 4,000 Grafts

About six months after receiving 4,000 grafts, this 40-year-old man shows much fuller, thicker coverage across his entire crown.

7. Before and One Year After 3,500 Grafts

A year after receiving a hair restoration of 3,500 grafts, this 45-year-old patient shows greatly improved hair growth at his crown and forelock.

8. 42-Year-Old Male With 3,700 Grafts

A patient returns to share his results at the one-year mark after receiving 3,700 hair grafts in one session.

9. 3,500-Graft FUE, 33-Year-Old Male

This patient shares his progress six months after getting 3,500 hair grafts.

10. 60-Year-Old Patient With 3,000 Grafts

This video provides an excellent example of what an older hair restoration patient can expect to achieve with hair grafts.

A World Leader in Hair Restoration Techniques

As the first doctor in the world to perform large sessions using FUE, Dr. Robert Jones has been offering minimally invasive hair transplants with this innovative technique since 2003. Today, he regularly performs FUE cases of 3,000 grafts and more in a single session, and he takes pride in doing all his procedures himself.

If you’re considering a hair transplant, why not reach out to an internationally recognized expert in modern hair restoration techniques? Use our contact form to request a complimentary, no-obligation consultation from Dr. Jones.