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Ten Reasons Not to Get a Hair Transplant


Living in the appearance-obsessed world that we now find ourselves in, it’s easy to just assume that any guy who is losing their hair should at least consider getting a hair transplant. The truth is there are plenty of guys with hair loss that wouldn’t necessarily benefit from getting a transplant. With this in mind, below are 10 reasons not to get a hair transplant.

1. You Can’t Afford It

Regardless of how much stress or anxiety your hair loss might be causing in your life, it’s never wise to get a hair transplant if you’re not able to afford it. The truth is, there are more important things in life than hair loss and even though you want be very eager to get a hair transplant, you should only do it if you’re able to afford it.

2. You Might Not Need One

It might seem strange to suggest that someone would consider a hair transplant unless they really needed one but the truth is a lot of guys start thinking about hair transplants when their hair loss is at its earliest stages. There are other means of preventing and treating minimal hair loss rather than getting a hair transplant, which leads onto the next point.

3. You Haven’t Given Treatments a Chance

If your hair loss is mild to moderate and you haven’t tried any of the proven treatments currently on the market, namely finasteride and minoxidil, then it’s strongly recommended that you go on them for a period of time before getting a hair transplant. Whilst hair loss treatments don’t work for everybody, for a lot of guys they’re able to slow down, stabilise or even regrow hair.

4. You Haven’t Done Your Research Yet

When considering a hair transplant, it’s vital that you do your research so you’re aware of everything involved including the types of procedures that are available as well as the expected recovery time and how you should care for your hair transplant.

5. You Suit a Shaved Head

There’s no doubt about it, some guys pull off the shaved head look incredibly well. In fact it’s no exaggeration to say that some guys actually look better without hair. If you’ve shaved your hair down and have received a lot of compliments or just know yourself that it looks good then why not embrace the look?

6. You’re Not Defined by Your Hair Loss

If you feel that your hair loss isn’t affecting your confidence or attractiveness in any significant way then a hair transplant could be an unnecessary expense. Most guys who get hair transplants will do so, not because of what others think but because of the impact their hair loss is having on their own self-esteem.

7. You’re Very Young

If you’re in your late teens or early twenties and have not tried hair loss treatments then you might be jumping the gun by getting a hair transplant at such a young age. Of course each person is different and even in your early twenties you might have been suffering for hair loss for many years. However you should be sure that your hair loss can’t be treated by other means before committing to a hair transplant.

8. You Have a Severe Needle Phobia

This might seem like a strange reason not to get a hair transplant but for a procedure to be carried out, it’s necessary to numb the scalp through the use of injections. If you don’t like needles then you might want to research other options before thinking of a hair transplant.

9. You Want Instant Results

Unrealistic expectations is a big reason why many people will complain in the weeks immediately following a hair transplant. The truth is it takes time for your scalp to heal and a period of time to pass before you’ll see the true benefits of your hair transplant. If you want instant results then it’s probably not for you.

10. You Want to Keep Your Procedure a Secret

Something a lot of men struggle with is whether to let their friends and family know whether they’re getting a hair transplant. For some men this isn’t even an option. If you’re going to have your hair line reconstructed, then there’s no way to keep this a secret, as it will be apparent to anyone who already knows you that you’ve had a procedure done. Therefore, if having a hair transplant would be a source of embarrassment for you, then it’s a good idea to investigate other options.