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At What Stage Should You Get a Hair Transplant?


A question that a lot of men who are losing their hair struggle with is – at what stage should I get a hair transplant?

It’s a very understandable concern as people lose their hair to varying degrees and at a variety of ages. There are also different types of hair loss, a person who’s suffering thinning at the crown may not be in as much of a rush to get a hair transplant when compared to the guy who has a receding hairline.

Factors to consider:

How severe your hair loss is –

Time is always a factor when you want to get a successful hair transplant. If your hair is falling out at a rapid pace, then you’ll probably want to get a hair transplant sooner rather than later. The reason for this is that to get a good level of coverage, you’ll need to have a decent donor area (where the hair is extracted from).

What type of hair loss are you suffering from? –

Not everyone suffers from the same type of hair loss and therefore when discussing the ideal time to get a hair transplant, it’s important to understand your particular type of hair loss. The three main types of hair loss that men suffer from are a receding hair line, thinning at the crown and diffuse thinning. Men with receding hair lines are often very self conscious about it because of how it affects the look of their face and will therefore look to get a hair transplant as soon as possible.

For men with thinning at the crown and diffuse thinning (thinning all over the scalp), the ideal time to get a hair transplant would be whilst there’s still a good level of density so that full coverage can be achieved.

Are treatments working for you? –

This is a very important question to ask yourself when deciding when the right time to get a hair transplant is. If you’ve only just started losing your hair and haven’t given proven treatments, namely finasteride and minoxidil a chance then you should certainly do this first. Whilst they don’t work for everyone, many men find they’re able to grow back a decent bit of hair and prevent any further hair loss.

Can you afford it? –

Another important consideration is whether you have the money to pay for a hair transplant. If your hair loss is fairly stable and you’re not in a comfortable position financially then it might be better to wait a while before going ahead with a transplant.


The bottom line is this – the best time to get a hair transplant is when you still have a good amount of your own hair.

Men who are completely bald on top of their head and only have hair at the back and sides cannot realistically expect to get a full head of hair back. This is what toupees are for. If your idea of a successful hair transplant is to have a full head of hair then you’ll want to invest when your hair loss is minimal for the best results.