Toronto Hair Transplant Surgeons

Before and After – 2939 Graft FUT

This is a 38 yo male from the USA who had a 2939 graft FUT/strip procedure to address hair loss in the frontal and mid-scalp. He also had thinning of the crown but for this surgery he wanted only to rebuild a conservative hairline and add density behind it. At the time of his surgery he was also started on finasteride and later he added topical minoxidil to his hair restoration plan.

Given that he lived so far away some of his follow up was by email with pictures. You can see that as early as 7 months after his surgery he already had significantly more density in the frontal scalp, as well as a hairline! Fourteen months after his surgery he had even more density, and he was really happy with the result.

This patient came back to see us in person 20 months after his surgery and he continues to be really happy with his new hair. He’s still taking finasteride and using minoxidil. The linear scar from his strip surgery is totally invisible beneath the hair at the back of his head.