Toronto Hair Transplant Surgeons

Before and After – 3000 Graft FUE

This is a 35 year old male with hair loss going back several years before he came to see us in consultation. His main areas of concern were the recessions in the corners of his hairline as well as an overall slight recession of the entire hairline. He was also seeking a little added density over the crown area.
He had a great donor area so we were able to do a large session FUE of 3000 grafts. We lowered the hairline ever so slightly as well as added density all along its length, including filling in the recessions. With our remaining grafts, we added some overall density to the frontal scalp and to the crown. We also talked to him extensively about supplementary therapies to ensure that he didn’t lose any more hair and he was started on a combination of finasteride and high strength minoxidil. 
He came back to see us almost 2 years after his surgery and to show off his great result! He’s got great density overall and he’s very happy with his surgery. Even the donor area looks great and no one would know he’s had an FUE surgery.
He’s still using his finasteride and high strength minoxidil without any problems and he’s planning to continue with them for the long term.