Toronto Hair Transplant Surgeons

Before and After – 1675 Graft FUT

This is a 24 year old woman with hair loss in the hairline from years of scratching and pulling combined with genetic recessions in the corners. She had not had any further losses for at least 2 years and she was seeking restoration with surgery.

She needed upwards of 1500 or more grafts and therefore we opted to do an FUT strip surgery for her. Harvesting that many grafts by the FUE method would have required shaving more hair than she was comfortable with, and she knew she would be able to conceal the resulting scar with her existing long hair.

We harvested 1675 grafts and used them to fill out the thinner spots right in the middle of her hairline, as well as add density to the recessions in each corner. You can see from the pre-op surgical photos how thin those recessions really were. We used smaller, single hair grafts at the front of the hairline and thicker, denser grafts behind them to create a natural-appearing transition.

She returned almost 2 years later for follow up having attained an amazing result. Her hairline is nicely rounded and appears completely natural. The recessions on both sides are filled in and she now feels comfortable wearing her hair in any style she chooses.

This was also the first time she’s seen her own scar! We showed her the picture and she was amazed to see that it’s practically invisible. So much so that it’s even hard to see in the pictures.