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Lowering my Hairline (female)


Question: I’m a 16 year old female. I was born with a high hairline. I’ve saved about $5,000 to get the procedure to lower my hairline and was wondering about how much would it be to take off half an inch to an inch. I also have a widows peak and want to know if it is possible to fix that too. what would be an estimate and could there be any payment plans. I really want to get this done…and soon.

Answer: It costs about $8,000 (icludes all anesthesia and facility charges) for a hairline lowering procedure. The hairline lowering procedure is like a reverse brow lift and this is often the way women get a lower hairline. For the widows peak you would have to have a consultation.

A hair transplant could lower the hairline as well. This is the same procedure performed regularly with men. The fees are based on how much hair is moved (price per graft). I would be happy to review your case confidentially if you send me a photo. Good Luck, Dr. Robert Jones.