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Is amitriptyline causing my hair thinning?


QUESTION: II am a 56 year old female and have noticed in the past 5 years my hair has been thinning on the sides only. I have always had fine hair; when I was young the hairdresser use to say to me you have fine hair but a lot of it. The back seems to be full it is only the sides. Why is this happening? I have been taking amitriptyline for the past 2 years, could this be the problem? Would your scalp treatment/shampoo/conditioner help this thinning?

ANSWER: Amitriptyline is definitely in the group of medications that will cause hair thinning.
I would visit your doctor to explore the many medical reasons that cause thinning hair. Please download my ebook through my site for a summary of the medical causes for hair loss.  I do have products that could work well, Instant Hair could be a good non medical solution for you.  See the product page on my website.