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Instant Hair? Toppik? Hair Loss Fibers, Hair Loss Concealers? Whats is this Product?


Question: “I have many friends who use Instant Hair Thickening Fibers. Why do I never hear of this product, they all love it. What is the best product on the market?”

Answer: “Hair Fibers are relatively new to the public conscience. But the product is great, and does wonders for just about anyone who is suffering from thinning hair. Whether one uses Instant Hair temporarily whil awaiting growth from a transplant or results from propecia, it makes people very happy, and more confident. There are many similar products out there, and all are virtually identical. The difference comes in price. Toppik is ridiculously over-priced, almost 10 dollars more a bottle than Dr Jones Instant Hair Thickening Fibers. Good Luck and enjoy the product!”