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The Importance of Self-Esteem


When it comes to self-esteem, many factors and driving forces can alter our perception of ourselves. Whether it be work-related, such as being declined a project or promotion or gaining weight from a new medication, drastic or undesirable circumstances in our lives can impact our self-worth.

What is Self-Esteem?

Liking yourself is important to navigate the waters of life. It helps people to be successful, brave, social, and most importantly good to themselves. When someone has low self-esteem their work and relationships may suffer. Sometimes a lack of self-worth can have so many layers that it becomes a depression.

For some, self-esteem can be hard to gain and even easier to lose. It’s important that we remember the impact our words might have on people. Something we may perceive as a harmless comment or joke might actually be very damaging to its recipient.

Hair Loss and Self-Esteem

Of course, when men begin to lose their hair, it can take a toll on them. Even more, so is the effect that hair loss has on women. For most females, their hair is a cherished attribute, and without it, or without it perfect, it can change their everyday living. Many women go to great lengths to hide their hair loss, by using wigs, protein fibres, and even hats. It’s important that women know there are solutions for female hair loss. Most recently, No Shave FUE has been introduced as a new technique to hair transplantation, and it has been attractive to females looking for a permanent hair restoration solution.

Non Surgical Hair Restorations Options


It’s important to note that hair loss is a very large contributor to issues of self-worth among the general public. We are proud to offer a variety of solutions to our patients, both surgical and non-surgical alike. The BIOLIGHT Medical Hair Therapy Laser Cap, for example, is a pain-free device worn in the privacy of your own home, while PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) is an injectable treatment that uses your own blood plasma to regenerate hair loss.

We Understand Your Hair Loss


We have heard time and time again how the work we do has changed the lives of our patients. We know that your hair loss is a very deep and personal issue to you and this is why we continue to be a leading clinic and innovator in hair restoration. We know that hair loss can end relationships, compromise employment, and cause depression; and for those reasons, we take an incredible amount of pride in our work.

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