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I’m not happy with the result of my Hair Transplant after 6 months


Question: ” I am 23 years old and I  had a 2000 graft hair transplant 6 months ago. I’m getting pretty impatient and worried that I wasted my money. I’ve asked my doctor about it, he said that it’s early and everyone is different,  to just wait and be patient. What do you think? I “feel” some hairs growing in different spots but not everywhere, and i have some slight cobblestoning, does that go away?

Answer: “My advice, as it is to every patient of mine, is to wait 8 months before judging and making conclusions about what the result of the transplant will be. 80-90% of the grafts should have grown at the 8 month mark, and they should have grown to two inches by then as well. I would agree with your doctor and tel you to be patient, significant changes may very well be about to occur. Good Luck, Dr. Jones”