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Why is hair so important to men?


Losing your hair can seem like a fairly frivolous thing, but for countless men across the globe, hair loss has a huge impact on their confidence and seems like the worst things that could possibly happen. But just why is hair so important to men? Of course there’s no one reason, rather a combination of factors.

Below are some of the main reasons that hair is so important to men –

Vanity –

There’s no point denying it – A huge part of the reason that hair is so important to men is vanity. In the image-obsessed culture we now live in, looks are more important than ever. The fact that the male beauty market has become as huge as it has is testament to this. Whilst there are plenty of guys that choose to shave their head nowadays, the truth is that not everyone can pull off the look. For guys with a full head of hair, they simply have more choices for how to cultivate their look.

Confidence –

This one ties in very closely with vanity. It stands to reason that anything that you feel negatively impacts how you look is also going to have a knock-on effect on your confidence. Confidence is a hugely desirable trait and anything that has a negative effect on confidence is always going to be something people want to avoid.

Career –

It might not seem logical at first, but a man’s hair can considerably affect his career prospects. There are a couple of reasons for this. Firstly, looks are incredibly important now in a growing number of industries. For any jobs that require you to deal with customers face to face, employers will see their employees as . This might seem harsh but it’s simply a reality in some cases. Another reason that hair is important for career prospects is the effect it has on confidence, as mentioned in the previous point.

Attracting partners –

Another key reason that hair is so important to men is the role it plays in their ability to attract partners. Of course not all women care about how much hair a man has but there’s certainly some that do.

When you take all the above factors into account, it’s easy to see why hair is so important to men. Hair loss is a very real thing that millions of men around the world are dealing with every day. Fortunately there are now treatments available on the market that are proven to be effective. When you consider that hair transplant techniques have also come on leaps and bounds in the last couple of decades then hair loss doesn’t need to be the devastating event in a man’s life that it used to be.