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Essential Guide to Instant Hair Fibers


If your thinning or balding hair has made you self-conscious, you may feel like that’s the only thing people will notice about you. However, now, you don’t have to worry about concealing it with hats, scarves or wigs anymore. Dr. Robert Jones, a world-renowned hair transplant surgeon, has used his advanced scientific knowledge to create an easier and totally natural-looking solution called Instant Hair.

What Is Instant Hair?

Are you ready to meet your new best-kept secret? Instant Hair will give the appearance of thicker, fuller hair by filling out your thinning areas. The product is made from keratin protein fibres that are charged with static electricity to stay in place even in strong winds and hard rain.

How to Use Instant Hair

To apply, simply shake the container of hair fibres over your thinning or balding hair until the product has filled in those areas to your satisfaction. The formula is designed to apply evenly, providing a highly subtle, natural effect. Nobody will know that you enhanced your hair – they’ll just notice that you look younger!

The Technology Behind Instant Hair

Instant Hair immediately creates the appearance of a full head of hair. But how does it work? The key to Instant Hair is natural, high-grade keratin, which is the same type of protein that makes up real hair. The fibres have a strong natural static charge that creates a magnetic effect, tightly binding to even the finest strands of human hair.

The innate static charge Instant Hair creates allows the product to adhere to any hair type. Low-quality imitators made of cotton, plant-based materials and rayon lack this natural static charge. Consequently, there is nothing attracting them to the hair, so they tend to clump, shift or fall onto the scalp and look unnatural.

The results of using Instant Hair are truly life-changing for men and women who struggle with fine or thinning hair, as well as those with alopecia, pattern baldness or who have lost their hair due to medical treatments such as chemotherapy.

Benefits of Instant Hair

  • Perfect for both men and women
  • Covers both receding hairlines and balding areas
  • Made with high-quality keratin fibers that bind to your hair for a totally undetectable appearance
  • Resistant to rain, wind and sweat
  • Stays in until you wash your hair
  • Safe, effective and guaranteed
  • Style your hair as you normally would
  • Easy to use – restore your confidence in 30 seconds
  • You can also use Instant Hair to cover both grey roots and colour-treated root regrowth

Frequently Asked Questions About Instant Hair

Here are some of the questions customers often ask about Instant Hair.

Q: What are my options with Instant Hair?

A: Instant Hair comes in five salon-quality colours to match most shades of hair: light, medium and dark brown, dark blonde, and black. You can buy a single container of Instant Hair, or opt for a four-pack, 10-pack or 100-pack.

Q: I have sensitive skin. Will Instant Hair irritate my skin?

A: No. This product is made using all-natural keratin fibres.

Q: Will Instant Hair leave stains?

A: No. Instant Hair is colourfast and will not stain your skin or clothes.

Q: Can I sleep with Instant Hair in?

A: Yes. Instant Hair will not come out while you sleep, so you can wake up in the morning with full, natural-looking hair. To remove, all you need to do is shampoo your hair as usual.

Q: How do I apply Instant Hair?

A: Shake the container over your thinning or balding areas until you have filled them to your satisfaction. For best results, apply the product to fully dry hair.

Q: Can I style my hair normally after applying Instant Hair?

A: We suggest applying Instant Hair after you use any styling tools such as hairdryers, flat irons or curling irons. Apply styling products like gel, mousse or paste to your hair and allow them to dry thoroughly before using Instant Hair. Applying such styling products after you put Instant Hair on may cause the fibres to shift, exposing the areas you wanted to cover.

Q: Does Instant Hair affect my hair growth?

A: Instant Hair neither encourages nor discourages hair growth. The natural keratin fibres will not affect a scalp condition.

Q: Does Instant Hair work on curly, kinky or textured hair?

A: The texture and appearance of Instant Hair allow it to blend well with any hair type.

Q: Can I use Instant Hair in conjunction with other products?

A: Instant Hair will not clog your pores, so you can continue to use it even if you are also using a product like minoxidil at the same time.

Q: Does Instant Hair come with a product guarantee?

A: Yes. We are so confident that you’ll love Instant Hair that we offer a money-back guarantee on single bottle purchases. You can return Instant Hair you purchased over the Internet within 30 days, mailing it back with its original packaging and receipt included. Your refund, minus shipping and handling charges, will be processed to the credit card you used to place the order.

Order Instant Hair Today

If you’re ready to spend more time feeling confident and attractive, and less time feeling as if the whole world is staring at your balding hair, Instant Hair is the affordable alternative to expensive wigs and products that don’t work as well as advertised. It’s time to put an end to your frustrations over not having as much hair as you like. Now, you can quickly apply Instant Hair before you leave for work or social activities, and nobody you interact with will have any reason to suspect it isn’t your naturally growing hair.

Now that you know everything there is to know about what Instant Hair fibres are and how they work, take the next step and order Instant Hair today.