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Dr. Robert Jones Scalp Micro Pigmentation Featured On CBCNews


Cool feature including our facility and showcasing what we do. Scalp micro pigmentation is a great way to conceal scars from previous strip transplants or create a thicker, denser appearance overall. It only lasts a few years so you’re not left with a permanent tattoo as your hair and body age over time.

Check out the complete feature and video HERE:ée-try-some-tattoos-1.2621460

Are you considering micro pigmentation? Contact Dr. Jones for a no cost consultation – We’ll go over all your options and give you some info you can make a informed decision with. We pride ourselves on patient education and are not looking for a hard sell. Call our team, talk directly to Dr. Jones and get some great info and make a informed decision.

Our website has great info on scalp micro pigmentation – check it out: