Toronto Hair Transplant Surgeons

Dr. Bauman And Dr. Jones In Boca Raton, Florida


It’s great to travel and see how the best hair transplant surgeons in the world work. I was lucky to meet up with my good friend Dr. Bauman this week and discuss the art and science of hair transplants at his practice.

Docs like myself and Dr. Bauman focus exclusively on hair transplants – this gives a deep insight into hair that most practices just can’t match.

If you’re in SE Florida check out Dr. Bauman’s practice – it’s really impressive!

Alan J. Bauman, MD, ABHRS, IAHRS, FISHRS is a full-time hair transplant surgeon who founded his medical practice in Boca Raton, FL in 1997 and has treated nearly 20,000 patients and performed over 8,000 hair transplant surgeries to date. His compassionate, patient-centered philosophy and individualized artistic approach to protecting, enhancing and restoring the appearance and health of the hair and scalp is what sets him apart from non-specialists and other practitioners. Dr. Bauman moved to Boca Raton with his wife Karen after he received his M.D. degree from New York Medical College, surgical residency training at Mt. Sinai Medical Center and Beth Israel Medical Center in Manhattan, and hair transplant Fellowship training in New York.