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Celebrity Hair Stylist Aaron O’Bryan and His Hair Transplant With Dr. Robert Jones


Celebrity Hair Stylist Aaron O’Bryan and His Hair Transplant With Dr. Robert Jones

Last week Celebrity Hair Stylist Aaron O’Bryan shared his hair transplant results with Dr. Robert Jones by tweeting us this photo:


Less than a year ago Aaron had over 3500 grafts done by Dr. Robert Jones, and his results are absolutely amazing!

Why Did He Do It?

“As a hairdresser the pride I have in my hair and the joy I get in styling it is hard to explain, so when I began losing my hair at a young age (32) I started doing all I could in the hope to save what represented me,” wrote Aaron.

“I used everything I could get my hands on but inevitably reality set in over the years and in addition with my stressful life and busy schedule my hair was nothing but a patchy mess on top of my head. Some people may think I’m vain or that this is such a first world problem but to me it matters. Hats became my new vice but underneath it all I wanted to cry when I looked in the mirror and saw my balding head. I knew I needed to do something about it, to regain the confidence I once had and most of all for myself as a hairdresser, I needed to take care of me.”


“It was at that moment I pushed myself into contacting Dr. Robert Jones for my hair transplant. I had found Dr. Jones online and it was his glowing 5-star reviews that grabbed my attention. As this was something I have never ever done before I was quite nervous but he was more than willing to discuss the entire procedure with me over the phone and answer any of my stupid or not-so-stupid questions. Dr. Jones himself had a hair transplant years ago and that was what instantly made me feel comfortable – speaking to someone who has gone through exactly what I will. A few emails and nervous phone calls later I had booked myself in for the end of July 2016 for a full 3000 Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) graft – something Dr. Jones is an expert on”

Aaron’s Experience With Dr. Robert Jones

“The day of the procedure I rocked up to his clinic in my white jeans with knots in my stomach and a trendy hat on my head. I was instantly greeted by his friendly staff and although I wanted to vomit they assured me that I could watch Netflix and chill (literally) and took my order for my lunch. I was gowned up, prepped by the nurses and finally met Dr. Jones in the flesh. He assured me I wouldn’t feel anything except the initial syringe which would administer the anesthetic. I was wide awake during the entire thing and once the first needle went in I was happy to lie there and let them do their thing. At one point I was so comfortable I fell asleep!! For lunch they gave me 30 mins break from the 10 hour procedure I had a delicious roast chicken with fries and then we went back to it and I turned on Netflix. The whole day flew by and I was made feel extremely welcome and relaxed even with my initial reservations.”

After Aaron’s Hair Transplant

“The general maintenance following a hair transplant is not too difficult; watch for significant bleeding and bathe your head in a bath twice a day. For someone like me with a busy schedule I will admit I went back to work too quick, I should have taken more time off. My head was killing me at times but I don’t think I helped myself. Dr. Jones was on speed dial and literally texted me to follow up and see how I was. Any question I had I just flew off a text or rang to ask, he was so accommodating and I believe he does this with each of his patients.”

photo“With the weeks that followed my head cleared up and I got excited at the thought of my beautiful, bountiful hair on my head again. It’ll be a long wait as it takes 6 months to a year to see initial and full regrowth but I know it will be worth it. I’ve already booked my next transplant for the back of my head and I am going to do it all over again (1500 grafts) – this time I’ll be sure to take the time off work in between!”

Stay tuned to read more about Aaron’s Hair Transplant Results