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5 questions to ask yourself before getting a hair transplant


If you’re considering a hair transplant, then there are certain fundamental questions you should ask yourself before making a decision. Below are 5 key questions to look through and answer as honestly as you can.

Does my hair loss bother me enough?

Most people who are at the stage of considering a hair transplant will probably answer this question with a resounding “yes!”. However, there are those who might be considering a hair transplant because of external pressure. For example, a guy whose friends rib him about his hair loss a lot, or it could be because of pressure from a partner.

Getting a hair transplant is a big decision, so you should only ever get a procedure if it’s for yourself and no one else.

Can I afford a transplant?

This is another fundamental questions to ask yourself. While most surgeries offer the ability to pay in installments, this doesn’t mean you should jump in without giving thought to whether you can afford the financial strain. Only when you’re 100% sure that you can afford a transplant, should you make the decision to go ahead with it.

What type of procedure should I get?

If you intend to cut your hair short, then an FUE procedure would definitely be preferable. This is because with FUE, the follicles are individually extracted, which means there’s no visible scar left behind, as is the case with FUT. You can read more about the pros and cons of FUT and FUE on the blog.

Where will I have my surgery done?

Because a hair transplant is a fairly costly procedure, a good amount of people consider getting their surgery done overseas in a bid to save money. This is not recommended for a few reasons. Firstly, overseas clinics are often not subject to strict quality standards, as is the case in the US, so you cannot be certain of the quality of care you’re going to receive.

Secondly, there is a good amount of aftercare and recovery time needed after you get a hair transplant. This can be fairly stressful and being in a foreign country, away from the people you love can very easily add to this stress.

Will I tell friends and family about it?

Depending on the extent of your balding, it may not even be an option to hide your procedure from friends and family. For example, if you’re having your hairline reconstructed then it’s going to be apparent to everyone that you’ve had a hair transplant.

If however, your hair is thinning at the crown, then you have a decision to make as to whether you’re going to inform friends and family about your intentions. Most people will opt to tell at least their partners about the procedure but often they’ll decide to keep it from other family and friends. It really depends on how sensitive you are about the subject and whether you think you’ll get a positive or negative reaction.