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5 Myths About Hair Transplants Dispelled


One of the biggest frustrations for those working in the hair loss industry is the number of myths that surround hair transplants.

Hair loss is one of those strange subjects in that often, unless someone suffers from it personally, they’re usually pretty poorly informed on the subject, especially so when it comes to hair transplants.

There are still many people who believe hair transplants are the last resort of desperate hair loss sufferers who can’t face reality. In order to help get rid of this kind of attitude, below are the top 5 hair transplant myths dispelled.

1. They don’t provide natural looking results –

This is easily the most commonly believed myth about hair transplants. The reason that so many people still believe that hair transplants don’t provide natural looking results is due in no small part to the horrendous ‘plug’ style transplants that were common in the 70s and 80s.

Thankfully those days are long gone and modern hair transplants such as FUT and FUE now provide incredibly natural looking results for men with all types of hair loss.

2. They’re painful –

Another very common myth around hair transplants is that they’re painful. This is somewhat understandable as often the pictures you’ll see of men who’ve just had a procedure done will show hundreds of tiny red dots that look like they’d be very painful.

What many people are unaware of however, is that prior to any hair being harvested or transplanted, the patient’s head is numbed entirely. In fact, the most painful part of the procedure is usually the administering of the local anesthetic, with the procedure itself causing minimal pain.

3. They’re unaffordable for the average person –

Hair transplants have a reputation for being very expensive and something that the average person who’s making ends meet cannot afford. Whilst it’s true that transplants require a decent investment of money, most clinics will offer finance so that those who cannot afford to pay upfront can spread the cost.

4. They’re only for men with severe hair loss –

Whilst a good number of men who get hair transplants have moderate to severe hair loss, they’re no the only ones who can benefit. A growing number of men with mild thinning are also looking to get back what they’ve lost when treatments are unsuccessful.

5. Results are immediate –

It’s easy to think that the results of a hair transplant should be apparent immediately but this is not the case. It takes a good deal of time for the recipient area (where the hair is transplanted to) to heal and for the new hair to start growing. This is why patience is key for those who get a hair transplant.