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Great Looking Hairline from 3700 Graft FUE Procedure


Below are photographs of a 3700 Graft case handled by Dr Jones.

The case is that of a 45 year old male, and the pictures are from both before the procedure and 12 month after.

3700 Graft FUE Procedure 12 Month After


Dr.Jones has helped transform the lives of many by providing his clients with a great looking hairline which in turn provides an improved and youthful appearance to the patients, who are able to make the most of their lives following the procedure.

The Toronto Hair Transplant Surgeons provides quality hair restoration and hair transplantation services to all our patients. Call us with any questions today! The Toronto Hair Transplant Center is the ultimate destination in your search for restoring your hairline.

3700 Graft FUE Procedure