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4000 Graft Strip Surgery – Amazing 5 Month Result!


This result is nothing short of amazing.

Patient presented with almost NO hair in the forelock and crown. We did a large session strip surgery and achieved this amazing result at 5 months! Check out the patient’s funny letter to the practice! Not everyone grows hair this quickly but when they do the results are pretty incredible. Are you considering a transplant? Come to a team that is known for truly impressive results. Don’t get sucked into a technology discussion about robotic hair transplants. Go with real experience and speed. We only do hair transplants for a good reason. Contact our team for a free consultation to learn all your options.

Dr. Jones,

You completed my first hair transplant 5 months ago. I  am writing to complain that you indicated eight to fifteen months would provide the ultimate results. Well sir, I am writing to tell you that it is looking fantastic already….better than what I had hoped even the finished results would be. I know so much is about managing expectations (hey I am in the investment/tax biz, lol) but sincerely, my results are fantastic.

A dear friend was over this week; while we talk most every day we usually go months without actually seeing each other. He had not seen me since before your work on me.  We chatted for a few minutes when he finally said, “I haven’t heard a word you have said for the last ten minutes….what the **** did you do to your hair!!!?”

Expect a call from xxxxxxxxx very soon.

Well thanks again and I apologize for the misleading subject line……just gotta yank your chain a bit. Great work, great staff.
All the best.


4000 Graft Strip Surgery Before 6 Month After

4000 Graft Strip Before 6 Month After