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4000 Graft FUE Case in ONE DAY


4000 Graft FUE Case in ONE DAY

This post is to show the process of a follicular unit extraction case – many physicians say a case of this scope cannot be executed in one day but here at the Toronto Hair Transplant Surgeons, we do this kind of case weekly. This blog post will walk you through the whole process of the surgery day and give you a chance to explore the whole experience.

FUE is a less painful procedure and does not leave the long horizontal scar of a more traditional case. Check out what the grafts look like and what the day of surgery is all about…

Video of Dr. Jones explaining the process on the day of surgery

CASE PRESENTATION – Here is how the patient presents on the day of surgery. Note thinning of hair towards the crown.

FUE Hair Surgery

FUE Hair Transplant Surgery


Male FUE Hair Transplant Surgery

FUE Hair Transplant

The team hard at work…


FUE Hair Treatment

FUE Treatment

Graft for FUE Hair Transplant

4035 hair grafts ready for transplant – note the different sizes and hair counts for a more natural hairline and overall appearance.

Grafts for Hair Transplant

A close up of a huge number of grafts ready for implantation – speed and accuracy is critical for a good result.

Close Up Grafts for Hair Transplant

A video of the 4000+ grafts harvested by Dr Jones for this case…

A video of Dr Jones and the team implanting over 4000 grafts.

After a long day of surgery, this is how the patient looks – note the different sizes and even placement of grafts across the crown and hairline.

FUE Treatment After a Long Day

Close Up FUE Treatment After a Long Day