Toronto Hair Transplant Surgeons

3003 Graft FUE – Curly African-American Hair


This patient had very thin hair in the front making him appear much older than he actually was. We put in 3003 densely packed FUE grafts to achieve this particular result. In the case study below you can see the finely arranged transplants that make this case so natural in appearance.

You will hear that hair transplants are difficult or impossible on patients with very curly hair but with good FUE Hair Transplants technique, we are achieving some really great results.

Do you have a curly hair type? We’re getting great results with all kinds of hair and our depth of experience really improves our results. Contact us for a no-cost consultation here. Include some pictures from your phone and we’ll tell you exactly what your best options are.

3000 Graft FUE 35 Year Old Before and After