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Minoxidil + Finasteride


MCF solution 12.5% (For Men) 3-month supply (100 ml)

*FREE shipping on orders of 2 or more bottles

*We’ve recently discontinued the MBF formula and replaced it with a very similar, but improved, MCF formula. The doctors are continually re-evaluating our product line and making improvements as new evidence becomes available. The MCF formula is similar to the MBF formula but with a higher dose of finasteride. The bimatoprost (Latisse) has been replaced with caffeine because this has recently been shown to be more effective. The new formula also has retinol to improve absorption and additional soothing ingredients to help reduce scalp irritation. Instructions for use are the same and you may not even notice a difference in the formulas.


  • Once daily application
  • Combines three hair growth ingredients in a single, convenient, solution
  • Not to be used by women of child-bearing potential unless discussed with your doctor
  • FREE shipping on orders of 2 or more bottles

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