Toronto Hair Transplant Surgeons

Partial No-Shave FUE

This is a 32 year-old male who came for surgery wanting additional density in his beard. He wanted the grafts harvested by the FUE method to avoid a linear scar at the back of his head, but he also wanted to conceal the harvesting area as much as possible. After a discussion about his options, we selected a 1200 graft FUE by the “partial no shave” method.

Partial No-Shave Intra-Op
Intra-Op Photo Taken During the Procedure

In this method we can harvest a moderate number of grafts by shaving hidden strips under sufficiently long hair.

The photo on the left was taken during the procedure and shows the strip where the hair was shaved and area where the grafts were excised from.

You can see from the after pictures (to the right and below) that once the hair is down, you can’t see the harvesting area at all. Five days after his surgery, the excision sites are almost completely healed and the surrounding shaved hair is already regrowing, further concealing the tiny incisions.

Partial No-Shave Before and After
Post-Op Photo on the Right showcasing how the donor area is completely hidden.
Partial No-Shave - Post Op
5 Days Post-Op Donor Area
Partial No-Shave 5 days Post-Op
5 Days Post-Op - Donor Area